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Katie's Night is our annual community gala fundraiser. It's a night of endangered animal conservation with a catered dinner, beer, wine, silent and live auctions, levity, and community. Join us for paddle raises, conservation guest speakers, and the latest news on our conservation projects and initiatives around the world.

Come and see how we connect communities in Colorado with communities around the United States and around the world to help save the endangered animals we all love through education and human assistance.

The evening begins at 5:00PM with drinks, virtual reality, silent auction and getting acquainted.

Dinner is served at 6:30PM to give those who work some time to get to the venue. Silent auction continues until 8:00PM.

Matt Lindenberg of the Global Conservation Corps joins us live and in person from South Africa to discuss their partnership with the KACF and elaborate on our incredible collaboration with education and endangered animal conservation with rhinos and elephants.

Our partners over at Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS) will be on hand to transport you around the world to see wild animals up close and personal through their custom virtual reality VR experience. You won't want to miss that!

This year we'll premiere our brand new documentary called Jumuiya, by Michael Hartzog. Jumuiya means Community in Swahili.

Please, come to Katie's Night 2023 and bring some friends with you to learn more about how the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund is helping to make a difference for animals and people all around the world - sustainably.

You'll love the energy and passion.

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We welcome all businesses, families and individuals

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Polar bears, Jaguars, Orangutans, Elephants, Wolves, Penguins, Gorillas, Sea Turtles, Tigers, Giant Pandas, Orcas, and Rhinos are just a handful of the species we work with.


Your kind partnership donation allows us not only to help save these incredible endangered animals but also to teach at schools, build beehive fences to protect communities and gardens from elephants, train people how to sustain themselves without poaching wildlife, set up speaker presentations and organize fundraisers and events.


There is no insignificant species and no journey too far to travel. Help us to spread this conservation karma from shore to peak. We are more powerful when our voices echo together.

Please, bookmark this page and visit again.
New information added regularly as Katie's Night 2023 develops.

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